Asphalt Milling Services


Do you own or manage an office or apartment complex in Green Cove Springs, FL? If so, you know that the parking lot and the roads through the complex need to be kept free of cracks, holes and other problems. Asphalt needs to be replaced from time to time in order to keep paved surfaces safe for the cars that drive on it and also for the people who might walk or bike on it. If you want to do something about the parking lot and roads in your office or apartment complex, contact JB & Sons Asphalt Paving LLC to see what we can do for you.

One of the things that we offer at JB & Sons Asphalt Paving LLC is asphalt milling services. If a road or a parking lot is being torn up and replaced, there can be a lot of waste. With asphalt milling services, as much of the old asphalt as possible is recycled. It is better for the environment, and it can also save money in the long-run.

At JB & Sons Asphalt Paving LLC, we offer more than milling services. We are a local paving company that serves Green Cove Springs, FL and the communities that are nearby. If you need your entire parking lot and the roads replaced, we can handle that as well. It could be that asphalt sealcoating is exactly what your parking lot needs. It will then look brand new. We are also a local paving company that serves homes as well as businesses. If you would like a new asphalt driveway, give us a call. We can replace your old, tired-looking driveway with one that looks fresh and brand new. No matter which of our services you use, you will be thrilled with the results.

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