Road Paving


Most people do not give a lot of thought to the roads that they drive on. They will drive over the same stretch in Middleburg, FL day after day and never pay attention unless there is a pothole. While most people may not think twice about the asphalt that they are driving on, at JB & Sons Asphalt Paving LLC we think about it all the time. We are a road paving company that strives for excellence.

At JB & Sons Asphalt Paving LLC, we have paved many of the roads that you drive on in Middleburg, FL each and every day. We are a road paving company that is different. We like to use the latest technologies to get the road completed as quickly and as efficiently as possible. We also like to recycle whenever possible, because we know that it is better for the planet. Once we are done paving a road, it will be a pleasure to drive on it. We take great pride in our work.

We also offer commercial paving at JB & Sons Asphalt Paving LLC. If you own a business, you need to think about the state of your parking lot. If it is in bad shape and someone gets hurt, you will be liable. It is also better for business if your parking lot is in good shape, because an ugly parking lot is a poor reflection of your business. At JB & Sons Asphalt Paving LLC, our commercial paving services are affordable. We can replace your entire parking lot if that is what is needed, or we can refinish it with asphalt sealcoating. Your parking lot will look great, and it will also be more inviting for potential customers. You will also not have to worry that someone will get hurt because of a parking lot problem.